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Financing - Flexiti Financial 

Life In Style provides financing options using Flexiti Financial Inc., an online financing company. With Flexiti Financial, take advantage of zero interest, low interest, and regular interest financing option for up to 48 months. We also offer deferred payment options.


Flexiti Financial's application process can be completed within 3 minutes. Once approved, you can use the credit anytime at either Life In Style Furniture or one of many other retailers that also use Flexiti Financial. 

Layaway Option

Life In Style provided a free layaway option. You have the option to place a min. 20% deposit on any order and we will hold onto the items for up to 6 months at no extra charge. You can continue to make as many payments as you like until the order is fully paid. Once you are ready for delivery or pick-up, just give us a call!

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